IQ Puzzle – Hexagon


This review will tell all about the “Hexagon”: “OOOOOO Yesss! Finally, I managed to assemble this figure. What a joy it is to see the results of your brainstorming!”

If you assembled The “IQ Puzzle • Maple Leaf” with your eyes closed, then the “Hexagon” will arrange quickly. But even if you are far from the title of the master of holographic sport, this figure will be very interesting for you!


IQ Puzzle

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IQ Puzzle – a series of puzzles, consisting of 22 types of puzzles and created in accordance with the present-day pace of life of young people. Each puzzle can be solved in an unlimited amount of time. The task is to assemble the figure shown on the front side of the package from the given parts. We were able to combine puzzles and brainteasers, which were allowed to create a new project – IQ Puzzle. When developing the IQ Puzzle, we carefully monitor that it is not only an emotional surge in an outburst of emotions, but also a benefit, both in training the brain and in acquiring the knowledge of thinking outside the box and the ability of finding a solution, especially when it seems that there is no way out. The task is to build up the figure indicated in the center of the picture. Do not think that is as easy and simple, as it seems at the first glance! The assembly process takes from 15 minutes to several hours

IQ Puzzle – Hexagon

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