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In the era of computers and smartphones, when people are gradually moving into virtual reality, we’re already starting to forget what it’s like to get together and have a great time, put aside our phones and hang out in friendly company. It may seem that life without devices and video games is losing its colors, and today it is simply impossible to imagine a life without them. But we offer you to take your gadgets aside and play real games! Nowadays, so many things are invented on the games market, and it seemed like you couldn’t think of something new and fascinating, but our team did it and brought it from Europe to YOU!


IQ Puzzle

“IQ Puzzle” is not just an ordinary puzzle or a chaotically cut figure; it is thoughtfully cut lines that make your brain work hard!
They stimulate mental activity, develop visual memory, logical and spatial thinking, imagination, and accuracy.
Ideal for a one-person solution and in a company with friends, family, or colleagues. It will blow your mind!

Challenge Puzzle

The “Challenge Puzzle” is the second series of puzzles that stimulates mental activity, develops visual memory, logical and spatial thinking, imagination, and accuracy.
We warn you right away! Challenge Puzzle is not for beginners or even advanced. This puzzle is for professionals!

Piecezz Puzzle

The “PIECEZZ” puzzle depicts a plot that you become a part of! Feel yourself in another world, fantasize, find hidden details and forms.
The details transfer the atmosphere and continue the story of the picture. You will find many recognizable figures of animals, space, characters, and inhabitants of the underwater world.


IQ Puzzle