Did you like the puzzle with the bear?

Subconsciously, you associate yourself with this majestic animal and combine good nature and strength, concern for others, and the ability to stand up for yourself. And you are also that sleepyhead and do not mind sleeping a little longer!

However, with the Piecezz large set, you won’t be able to hibernate. On the contrary, turn on your ingenuity by 200% to assemble a puzzle of your favorite animal from bright, rounded figures with a unique smell of natural wood. Let yourself be immersed in the fairy tale world of puzzles!

Size Large comes with a decorative frame! You can put a frame with a puzzle on the table or hang it on the wall!


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Piecezz are not your typical jigsaw puzzles, but unusual figures in the form of animals, men, and plants. The set is made of natural wood and has a unique spicy aroma. When you open the box with puzzles, you will immediately be enveloped in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that you don’t want to leave. Be sure to share the pleasure of collecting puzzles with your loved ones.

The set includes:

250 colorful details of sinuous shapes
Insert with the author’s image of a horse
Frame for assembling the puzzle and for use as a decor
Horse magnet
Finished puzzle size – 13.2″ X 11″

Difficulty level: difficult


Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 2.4 in


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